About PixelEight Web Studio

PixelEight Web Studio is a web design company in Connecticut, providing modern web architecture for small to medium-sized businesses.

Hi, I'm Rob Rasmussen, Creative Director of PixelEight Web Studio, LLC. If you haven't done so already, I hope you'll consider spending some time learning about me or about the web design services that PixelEight can provide for your business.

PixelEight Web Studio is the culmination of years of my web design training, both formal and self-taught. I've spent years working for others in and around the field of web design and graphic design, until one day I woke up and decided that I wanted to pioneer my own web design company in hopes of better portraying and applying my unique vision to my clients. I came to the conclusion that while I had learned a great deal from my endeavors and previous employers, none of what I was learning or doing was exactly what I wanted to do or how I wanted to do it. It had always felt to me, no matter where I was, that there were great things and not-so-great things to take a way from working for someone else. And in August of 2011, I finally decided that if I wanted to do things correctly, I needed to take the leap and start my own web design studio. Hence, PixelEight Web Studio was born.

"PixelEight Web Studio" and the visual branding that I produced for it is designed to embrace and convey a variety of professional and personal meanings that I find in the world of web design.

The meaning that I hoped to convey with the name "PixelEight" was to use the word "Pixel" to accurately describe the industry in which I like to work. We're all about pixel manipulation here at PixelEight, and it's important that we convey that in our name. Combining the word Pixel with the number eight, which has personal meaning to me, I started to create a vision for my company. I was born on August 8th of 1984 (8/8/84). It's about showing that we manipulate pixels, and generating personal meaning from the visuals that we create. In my own semi-dorky way, I think of this as a way to say, 'hey, I take each web project to heart. I give it my all...every time.'

But there's an element of humor in the name, too. You have to laugh, even if it's at something stupid. You can't take yourself too seriously. And while it's sort of an inside joke, I think everyone can appreciate it. See, in design, odd numbers are ALWAYS better to use. Odd numbers just present material in a better light. I've embraced this philosophy since my very first photography class. You've probably heard of the rule...it's called the 'rule of thirds'. I've been a firm believer in this rule since the first time it was introduced to me, so to name my company something with an even number...it's almost counter-intuitive. Even now I laugh at it, I don't know, maybe it's just my dry sense of humor. I think it's funny.

If you were to ask me why PixelEight was named a 'web studio' instead of something different or more modern, I'd probably first chuckle and tell you just how often I get asked this question. Then I'd tell you that in the beginning...no matter what...I knew it should be called 'web-something,' but I just wasn't sure what. And then I started adding colors, hoping that a specific color would slap me in the face. In the end, I chose to call it a 'Studio' because I like the feeling that it evokes. It sounds vintage-ly modern, if that makes sense. Heck, it sounds awesome to me. And then to combine it with the regal color of purple, it just fit my vision.

Then there was the design of the logo itself. Since it was decided that I would use purple for the logo, it became important to design a logo that properly fit my vision.

This was a tough design for me, believe it or not. Probably the toughest that I've ever had to design, actually! This is especially true because it's my own business and it's my own branding. It is so much easier to brand something when you're not emotionally connected to it because you don't change your mind quite as much!

But I decided that I needed to create a 'modern pixel,' if that makes sense.

I played with a bunch of ideas and really wasn't coming up with anything. In the end, I decided the visual portion of this logo needed to have literal meaning to what the words are saying. So I went with eight pixels.

When I get asked why the Pixels are round, I usually laugh and say, "ah ha! See? Now you're interested! That was sort of the point!" I felt like it would be best to round the pixels so that they appeared to be more modern. After all, one of the things I stress within the company is to be modern. While we don't want to be using technology that's in beta testing, we still want to be using modern trends.

So I'm trying to convey that PixelEight is not your ordinary pixel. It's unique, just like your business. And that's what it's all about...in a sea of websites, finding a way to make yours stand out.

We at PixelEight Web Studio provide the following services to our clients:

If you are interested in learning more about what PixelEight can do for your business, be it a web site design, an eCommerce solution, or just a little bit of advice, head on over to our Services page and we'll be delighted to explain. Or you can contact us now.