Connecticut-Based Web Design Company

PixelEight Web Studio is a web design company in Connecticut, providing modern web design services for small to medium-sized businesses.

Using the most modern tools of the trade, PixelEight works to build an effective website for you that meets and exceeds your expectations and business goals. Often times, web designers & web developers are guilty of throwing around the generic 'web design' phrase...but in reality, there are different types. In reality, you should expect your web developer to tell you about each definition of web design. Without a clear understanding of these definitions, designing a website can be near impossible.

PixelEight prides itself on finding the right balance of visual design, code design and interactivity to deliver your message to the world. Challenge your web design company to do the same.

The Visual (and obvious) Portion of Web Design

First and foremost, web design refers to the unique visual design of your site. Usually when our clients think of a web design service, they think of the visual portion. You'll find that before any real web designer calls themselves such, they likely will also call themselves a graphic designer. The two titles go hand in hand, with the major difference being that one is for print media, and the other is for web. In many cases, it's easy to spot they type of designer that you are hiring, but don't be afraid to ask. A good web designer will be able to show you their portfolio examples of both web and print graphics.

The Art of Coding a Web Design

But beyond the colors, images, text formatting, grid structures...and the three seconds in which your audience makes a snap judgment about whether or not they like your site, you probably wouldn't have thought that web design also refers to the design and structure of a website's code (like XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.). Yeah, believe it or not, creating code is as much an art as creating a visual layout. And in a lot of cases, if the visual design and the code design don't work together, then your site may not reach your web goals. Web design should entail a bunch of cross-browser testing, as your site may look entirely different in Internet Explorer than it does in Safari, Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

You'll find that there is a distinction here between a web designer and a web developer -- designers usually handle the visual, and developers handle the code. At PixelEight, we try to make sure that our employees do both. Ultimately, doing one but not the other leaves gaps in what other companies will call 'finished work'. But by making sure that our designers are also developers -- and vice versa -- we ensure that your website is designed and built successfully (on time, proper branding, modern design and code).

The Interactivity Involved with Web Design

Finally, web design refers to how a user interacts with your website. If you haven't thought through how a user gets from point A to point B, or if you just post content for the sake of doing so, you may not be engaging your audience correctly. This is often the most overlooked piece of web design, as many people feel that if you've seen one website, that you've seen them all. Unfortunately, this method of designing for the web doesn't usually work out too well, and often requires our clients to go back to the drawing board when they bring their projects to us. You should make sure that your web designer, web developer or graphic designer can explain to you how the website's navigation will work. Challenge your designer's explanations so to make sure that the site navigation will be clear, consistent and easy for your visitors to follow.

Designing For The Web in CT

All in all, web design is very subjective. Despite the fact that we at PixelEight have a design-style that we like to start with, each of our clients will bring their unique ideas and suggestions to their web design project, which ultimately brings the subjectivity to light. And within that subjectivity is beauty, which can only be appreciated when you take a step back and look at the finished web design project.

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Web Design At A Glance

  1. Visual Design
    The visual design of a website refers to the branding, design, structure, formatting, typography and other 'tangibles' within the artwork. Website design is often done in Adobe Photoshop before being cut (sliced) and coded in other programs.
  2. Code Design
    Web design companies are also responsible for the design of a website's code. Not only must the code encompass all of the design elements, but it must also act as its own 'behind the scenes' design to allow for search engine optimization to take place.
  3. Interactivity
    The design of a website must spark your audience to USE it! If your web design isn't offering your audience something interesting and isn't helping them get from point A to point B, you may not be engaging your audience correctly.