Web Design Services & Solutions

Each of the websites that we develop are custom built to fit the goals of your business.

  • PixelEight's Web Design Service in Connecticut

    Web Design

    PixelEight prides itself on finding the right balance of visual design, code design and interactivity to deliver your message to the world.

  • PixelEight's Web Hosting Service in Connecticut

    Web Hosting

    Our web hosting services accommodate any size business. We host anything from email accounts to eCommerce sites!

  • PixelEight's Website Consulting

    Web Consulting

    Much of what we do at PixelEight is to guide a client along their web design journey to make sure they create and hit realistic goals.

  • Search Engine Optimization Company in Connecticut (CT)

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    These days, everyone has a website. But to be found in Google, Yahoo & Bing's results, SEO should be part of your web plan.

  • Content Management System (CMS) Developer in Connecticut (CT)

    CMS Development

    To make your own website edits, you'll likely need a content management system (CMS) like Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal. PixelEight can help!

  • PixelEight's Mobile Website Development in Connecticut (CT)

    Mobile Website Development

    If your site isn't compatible for use with mobile devices, you're likely losing out on lead generation for your business.

  • PixelEight's eCommerce Online Store Developer in Connecticut (CT)

    eCommerce Online Store Development

    When it comes to eCommerce, your products should do the talking. We'll create a site that helps your products to sell themseves.

  • PixelEight's Email Marketing Design & Strategy

    Email Marketing Design & Strategy

    Getting a branded email into your customer's inbox is a great way to remind them of your services and can help generate website traffic.

  • Social Media Coaching from PixelEight Web Studio

    Social Media Consulting

    Our goal isn't to take over the writing and posting for you; it's to get you to understand enough about social media to allow you to implement it yourself!

  • Website Accessibility Check & Repair Service

    Website Accessibility Check & Repair

    Website accessibility means that individuals with disabilities can navigate, understand, interact with and contribute to your website.

  • Custom Database Development Service from PixelEight

    Custom Database Development

    Digitally organizing and storing specific data can be tough, but is necessary to simplify the work of reporting and data management.

  • Photoshop Slicing & HTML Creation Service

    Photoshop (PSD) Slicing

    If you have designed a website layout yourself, we can help you create the HTML and CSS, all from your Photoshop file! No need for you to get messy with code!